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Examiner Article by Patsy Holden

Meet Sean Wilson, a real Salsa gem in the Orlando area. Sean moved from Jamaica (his home country) to the US at the age of eleven. Soon after, he began studying the trombone and discovered a passion for Jazz music. His passion for music continued after high school, when he joined the Army and played trombone in the 82nd Airborne Division Band. After leaving the Army, Sean then went to the Florida International University to pursue a computer science degree and to begin intensive training in the Wing Chun kung fu style of martial arts. As an ambitious person by nature, Sean was soon to discover his new passion...Salsa dancing.

It was in 2003 that Sean was first introduced to the world of Salsa dancing. With years of training in music and martial arts, Sean quickly became a top Salsa dancer beginning first with the casino style and then training in the LA style Salsa.  However, Sean has since found that the New York style of Salsa (breaks on count 2) creates an exciting platform in which to use his instincts as a Jazz musician. Within only three years of Salsa study, Sean was asked to teach for Salsa Addiction and his skills as a Salsa teacher grew as quickly as his Salsa dancing itself.

Sean is now the director of the Essential Element Dance Company and performs and teaches around the world. Some of his dance accomplishments include, but are not limited to: 

1) International Hustle and Salsa Competition: Miami, FL 
2) West Coast Salsa Congress: Los Angeles, CA 
3) Miami Salsa Congress: Miami, FL 

Performances with teaching:
4) Washington DC Salsa Congress: Washington, DC 
5) Orlando Salsa Congress: Orlando, FL 
6) TAIPEiDEA: Taipei, Taiwan at Taiwan National University of the Arts 
7) Extreme Salsa: Tokyo, Japan 
8) Aventura Dance Cruise: Caribbean sea
9) All Star Salsa Weekend: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
10) Puertorican Power: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11) La Solucion: Mayaquez, Puerto Rico and Tampa, FL

Sean currently teaches at The Zebra Room, a great ballroom dance studio near downtown Orlando. His beginner and advanced Salsa classes are on Monday evenings, and he and his professional partner, Lisa Perez, are available for private lessons as well. Sean also hosts Salsa dances at the Zebra Room, which are scheduled throughout the year.  For more information about Sean, and his professional partner Lisa Perez, you can click on his website or The Zebra Room class information page. You can also reach Sean by phone at 305-519-3898. 

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